Change at UPMC: In the News

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Nearly 2,000 people joined with UPMC workers on a frigid morning March 3 and March 4 in what became the largest protest in Pittsburgh in 20 years to demand that UPMC provide better jobs for a strong middle class in Pittsburgh.

The gathering brought three basic demands to UPMC and together their voices were heard loud and clear: UPMC, the region’s largest employer, needs to pay workers a minimum of $15 an hour, to erase UPMC worker medical debt and let workers form a union at the hospital system without retaliation or intimidation.

After two days of taking over the streets of downtown Pittsburgh and sitting down in protest at the front doors of UPMC headquarters, Mayor Bill Peduto heard us and UPMC heard us. The day after the mass protest, the mayor met with UPMC CEO Jeffrey Romoff.

Our calls for change blanketed the local news, and even national media took notice of the history we’re making. As the conversation dominates the news and our movement builds momentum every day, here’s a look at coverage of the Days of Change in Pittsburgh and other recent news clips:

Huffington Post
Pittsburgh’s Largest Employer Draws Hundreds Of Protesters Over ‘Poverty’ Wages

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Union sees national focus in UPMC organizing effort

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Hundreds protest UPMC over wages for service employees (video)

Pittsburgh City Paper
Uniting in protest: Criticism of UPMC has stretched beyond its workers

Philadelphia Daily News
Are we in Kiev? Why no, it’s Pittsburgh

Workers, Activists Target UPMC Offices

UPMC protest: Day 2

UPMC Protestors Gather Downtown For 2nd Straight Day

Protesters Speak Out Against UPMC

90.5 WESA
UPMC Workers Ramp Up Union Organizing Campaign With Day of Action

Mayor hopes to ‘open bridge of communication’ with UPMC, protestors

Pittsburgh mayor, UPMC CEO meet on labor, other issues

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Mayor Peduto and UPMC chief Romoff talk ‘major issues’

Mayor meets with UPMC CEO, talk pay increases, Highmark dispute

Pittsburgh Business Times
Peduto working toward UPMC resolution (video) (press conference)

90.5 WESA
Pittsburgh United Releases Report On UPMC Wages

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
All jobs not equal at UPMC (column)



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