CBS News Investigates UPMC

CBS This Morning aired a segment—which puts Pittsburgh’s recent challenge to UPMC’s charitable status at the center of the growing movement to hold major nonprofits accountable. The piece points out that though UPMC, an international healthcare conglomerate with nearly $1 billion in profits, devotes only 2% of its budget to charity care, it receives millions in tax breaks each year as a result of its charity status.

 CBS This Morning Investigates High Earnings At UPMC.

CBS This Morning Investigates High Earnings At UPMC.


The segment notes that UPMC ‘s  CEO makes $6 Million a year, more than any other not-for-profit hospital that CBS found in its public records search CBS reporter Terrell Brown also describes how non-profit hospitals are acting like Fortune 500 companies and driving up health care costs in our country.
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