Feb. 2: Building a Movement to Make UPMC Act Like a Real Charity

Everybody has been talking about it. Now we’re doing something about it.
Last week, Pittsburghers joined together to deliver our Code of Conduct for a Strong, Healthy Pittsburgh to our elected representatives and urged them to join us in holding UPMC accountable to the needs of our community.
We asked, does a real charitable hospital…

  • Close down Braddock Hospital just to open one across the street from a competitor?
  • Give executives multi-million dollar paychecks, private jets and marble bathrooms – while many frontline workers struggle to make   ends meet?
  • Threaten to shut its doors to 3 million area residents who carry the “wrong” insurance?
  • Take billions of dollars of property off the tax rolls while we make painful cuts to our schools and vital public services?
  • Aggressively oppose workers who are standing together to raise standards for all working people in our region?
  • Creating and delivering our Code of Conduct was just the beginning. We’re building a movement of our friends, families, neighbors and co-workers to make sure UPMC lives up to the law and acts like a real public charity.

What: “Making UPMC Act Like a Charity” Community Outreach Day
When: Saturday, Feb. 2, 10am – 1pm
Where: 1414 Brighton Road, Pittsburgh 15212
Join us in the movement on Feb. 2. We will provide hot drinks and lunch, but come dressed for the weather.


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