Historic Day: City Officially Challenges UPMC's Tax Exempt Status

Mayor Luke Ravenstahl Asks, “Is UPMC Really a Charity?”

Mayor Luke Ravenstahl Asks, “Is UPMC Really a Charity?”

Yesterday was a day for the history books. After months of educating our neighbors, two hearings, three canvasses and thousands of signatures on our Code of Conduct, we were thrilled and proud when our City announced its challenge to UPMC’s tax exempt status on the basis that they are not living up to their obligations as a charity and the tax exemptions that flow from that status. Congratulations to our City and to our movement!

“They’re not a charity,” Mr. Ravenstahl said. “They haven’t been operating as a charity, and it’s time that this community step up in that regard.” – Post Gazette

Over the last decade we have watched while UPMC executives built a corporate empire. They have closed down hospitals in underserved communities and opened them in affluent suburbs. They’ve turned away patients that carry their competitors’ insurance, they’ve paid top executives millions while service workers need food banks, and they’ve failed to pay their fair share to support vital public services like schools and public transportation. All while harassing employees who are exercising their right to form a union to advocate for quality, middle class jobs.

UPMC Needs To Start Putting The Strength And Health Of Our Community First. Sign Onto The Code of Conduct

You have been going door to door, talking to your neighbors, co-workers, friends and family about our movement for a stronger, healthier Pittsburgh. Because of your hard work, we have over 1000 members of our community that have signed on to our Code of Conduct.  Today those voices were heard, and   elected officials at every level of government have added theirs to demand that UPMC start acting like a real charity.

But we know we have to keep building this movement. Sign the Code Of Conduct And Hold UPMC Accountable

Yesterday was a great first step by the City toward finally holding UPMC accountable. This historic step would not have been possible without your help.  But as the Mayor said, this fight will be a long one. Let’s keep standing up to UPMC for a stronger, healthier Pittsburgh.
Together we can Make It Our UPMC.


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  1. francine byrne

    How will city government proceed now. Will it be city lawyers vs. upmc lawyers? Is upmc guilty of antitrust behavior?