Standing up for the future of Pittsburgh

Supply clerk Jim Staus was fired not long after he wore a union button to his job at UPMC Presbyterian Hospital. After the ensuing year-long litigation, UPMC offered Jim a significant financial settlement to walk away.
Award-winning Pittsburgh filmmaker Phinehas Hodges captures Jim’s story as he struggles with the decision to accept the money, or to fight on, in hopes of better jobs for generations to come.

This is Jim’s story:

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  1. Holly Geeting

    I was employed at a hospital that was taken over by UPMC and on August 13, 2014 I was terminated due to my health I could not return to my position as a housekeeper (sanitation assistant) fulltime. Now they are hiring temporary and part time housekeepers. I believe they are unfair and unjust. The hospital in which I was employed prior to the take over by UPMC was a much better place to work at.

  2. Ronald Oakes

    This is a must see situation. There is backing down from UPMC.