Standing up to UPMC is Standing up for Pittsburgh

Christoria Hughes Dietary, UPMC Presbyterian

Christoria Hughes
Dietary, UPMC Presbyterian

Earlier this morning workers, community members, and faith leaders gathered at UPMC Shadyside while trying to talk to UPMC management about the firings of union janitors for supporting me and my co-workers forming our union.
Instead of meeting with them, UPMC security called the police, and 6 people were arrested while calling on UPMC to stop retaliating against workers who have stood with us.
Now more than ever we need to tell UPMC to stop holding us back. The new eds and meds economy can provide a path into the middle class for thousands of workers in Pittsburgh – but that won’t happen unless working people can make our priorities part of decision-making. We need our largest employer, landowner and charity to respect our right to a voice on the job,

Take Action: Sign our Petition to tell UPMC: Stop Holding Pittsburgh Back

Our friend Reverend John Welch from the Pennsylvania Interfaith Impact Network put it this way:

“Good jobs with worker protections, access to affordable healthcare and paying a fair share are not gifts to Pittsburgh.  They are what Pittsburghers expect from our city’s largest employer, healthcare provider and landowner. With sufficient money to pay millions to executives, to buy corporate jets and to set aside in profits, UPMC can and must do more to strengthen our families and our city and lead the way for others to do the same.”

This afternoon we will be taking our call directly to UPMC. Can you join my co-workers and me to demand that UPMC stop holding us back?
WHAT: Good Jobs With A Union at UPMC!
WHEN: Wednesday, July 30, 4:30 pm
WHERE: Mellon Square Park – 6th Ave and William Penn Place
You can RSVP on Facebook Here:
Together we can make it OUR UPMC.
Christoria Hughes
Dietary, UPMC Presbyterian Hospital


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