Chaney Lewis – Shuttle Driver – UPMC Presbyterian

My name is Chaney Lewis. I have worked at Presbyterian hospital for the past eleven years as a transporter. I bring a lot of skills to the table. I’m a trained dental assistant, completed a two-week specialized training to transport heart patients who are on heart monitors, and know how to do jobs I’m not required to, such as dispatch. Even with my experience and extra training I’m still only paid $11.97 an hour.

I believe that an employer that can pay its top executives millions and millions has the ability to start making its frontline workers a priority too. That’s why we’re fighting this fight: UPMC can do better by Pittsburgh by working with us to create good jobs and pay a living wage, $15 an hour. Good jobs that we can raise our families on, jobs that allow us to move up into the middle class. Jobs that allow us to live the American dream. We need UPMC to do better by all of us.