Joe Kennedy – Grill Cook – UPMC Presbyterian

I have worked at UPMC Presby for the past 6 years as a grill cook. Because of UPMC’s low wages, the money I make is not enough to make ends meet. I rely on the local food pantry to stretch our food budget. I have no hope of contributing to my UPMC 401 K program for my retirement, which makes it very difficult to be able to plan for my and my family’s future.
I am tired of being intimidated for speaking out about the need for a union in our hospitals. As UPMC has been cited by the NLRB administrative judge for its unfair labor practices and the illegal firing of employees for union organizing- UPMC must step back and allow workers to organize the way they did at AGH. I believe workers should have a voice at work. I know that this will not happen overnight, but I truly believe that together, as a city, we can transform these hospitals into the thriving centers of jobs and economic growth that they should be.
That’s why I’m fighting for $15 and hour and union rights.