Leslie Poston – Unit Secretary – UPMC Presby

My name is Leslie Poston, and I am a UPMC employee.   I’m coming together with my coworkers to call on UPMC to create good jobs for a strong and healthy Pittsburgh.
I have worked at UPMC Presbyterian for ten years. I work hard every day to make sure that the heart and lung transplant unit runs smoothly, and that my patients receive the best quality care.
Recently I saw an ad that UPMC took out in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette saying UPMC gives to the Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank so that people in Pittsburgh can eat. This is a great thing. Generosity towards people in need is really beautiful. But the ad also struck a nerve, because I AM one of the people who uses a food bank. So are many of my coworkers.
 That’s why I started fighting for $15 an hour and a union at UPMC.