UPMC: Stop Bullying Pittsburgh: Join us in Standing up to UPMC on Sept 7

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Join us on September 7th – and Demand UPMC Stop Bullying Pittsburgh!

In January we launched the Code of Conduct for a stronger, healthier Pittsburgh. Together, we called on UPMC to start acting like a real charity and end its behavior of abuse of workers’ rights.
Our work has made an impact, but UPMC is still fighting.  The mega-institution is still bullying the community by denying care to Community Blue subscribers, raising healthcare prices, suing the City, and firing workers who speak out to create a better life for their families.
Workers like Jim Staus, who after seven years of service to UPMC was still just making $11.81 an hour, have also been coming together to speak out for better jobs that will let them cover their basic expenses.
The time has come for us stand together. Join the workers of UPMC who are fighting for all working class people in Pittsburgh on September 7th as they rally and march on UPMC.
Will you add your voice, and demand that UPMC executives stop:

  • Firing and harassing workers organizing to build Pittsburgh’s middle class
  • Threatening to cut off access to patients who have the “wrong” insurance
  • Suing the taxpayers of Pittsburgh to avoid paying their fair share like the rest of us

The workers of UPMC are standing up for all of us. Do you have their backs?
Join us – Rally And March on UPMC
Oakland – Meet at the corner of Bigelow Blvd. and Forbes Ave in Oakland
11:00 AM
RSVP Online – Here
Together We Can Make It Our UPMC


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  1. Shame on UPMC they are bullies. The workers need to be treated better, and compensated better. I have BC/BS, and now I may have to go to WPAHS for services, as UPMC doesn’t want to except the insurance. They don’t like competition this is why this is happening not fair at ALL! People should have a choice where they go for healthcare. UPMC should pay taxes, and be accountable for their actions to the people that work at UPMC.

  2. Jarrell Reeves

    the world tells kids not to bully other kids because it’s not right but UPMC is undermining that by bullying their employees by doing anything, them getting anti union agencies and unfair policies that only work for them and them only. Another way they were bullying and holding back the middle class is by not paying there employee fair wages to up lift themselves and the communityand the activities at our sponsors in their communities but you PMCs management gets paid well and they are able to up lift their communities and give their kids everything while regular employees do all the work and have to suffer, and their communities suffer as well.

  3. richard ellison

    i`m all into join your march and give my support because i`m a part of SEIU 32BJ and UMPC needs to step -up to the plate. they`re ni different than any other TAX PAYING citizen in this state of PENNA.

    • stop bullying pittsburgh’ Start paying your fair share of taxes. The people in Pittsburgh deserve better. Do you want to be known as the walmart of healthcare

  4. tammy

    Wish i could have been there but i work saturday…. really wish theyd pay us what were worth so we had enough to feed our families and pay bills..you shouldnt have to pick