We Can Win

Recently, we won our jobs back as part of an historic legal decision against UPMC.
FB Graphic ShareThe federal judge’s ruling didn’t end there. In addition to ordering UPMC to put us back to work, the judge awarded us full back pay and ruled that UPMC must admit its guilt and respect the rights of all its employees. Our victory is a victory for all UPMC workers. Now more than ever, we know the movement for justice at UPMC cannot be stopped. Like many of you, we will not stop until we win fair wages, affordable healthcare, and decent treatment at our jobs.
UPMC tried everything to stop us. From hiring high-priced out-of-town lawyers to offering us significant financial settlements to walk away. It’s time we asked: Why does UPMC fight so hard to keep its workers from forming a union? The answer is simple. Because they know we can win.
We know very well that UPMC will try to drag out the process of bringing us back by spending thousands of dollars on legal appeals, dollars that would be better spent on improving patient care and paying hospital workers a living wage. But the truth is: the judge’s decision isn’t going anywhere and neither are we.
It wasn’t easy for us to turn down UPMC’s money offers. Like just about every UPMC worker, our families struggle to get by. But this fight is bigger than any one of us. We know — just like UPMC does — that UPMC workers are going to form our union. By standing together, we will win better hospitals, better jobs, and a better Pittsburgh.
Together we can make it our UPMC
Ron Oakes, Transport
Jim Staus, Supply
Al Turner, Shuttle Driver


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  1. I congratulate your victory. I am from Turkey and have been watching upmc struggle for a while, because I am a labor activist and have been visiting Pittsburgh lately. I liked your letter and translated it in turkish, because we have so many friends who live pretty much same things, same struggles. I wanted to make them see that they have fellas at the other side of the world, and pretty much everywhere. It is weird how these issues and emotions are so similar. All best, in solidarity. Translation is here: http://www.emekveadalet.org/arsivler/15424