Workers Want to Decide for Themselves

The Pittsburgh City Paper attended last month’s meeting of UPMC Presbyterian-Shadyside Board of Directors to talk to some UPMC workers who face intimidation at work for trying to form a union.

UPMC worker Chaney Lewis

Chaney Lewis, an employee of UPMC Presbyterian 

One worker at UPMC who participated in the meeting and march, Chaney Lewis, spoke to the City Paper, saying:

“All I want to do is exercise my right as a citizen to talk to my co-workers about the option of forming a union. If the union comes, it comes. If it doesn’t, well that’s all right, too. But please, let’s just play fairly.”

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UPMC Execs Are Pittsburgh-Made Millionaires

Last year, UPMC Presbyterian was ranked the the country’s top grossing hospital.

UPMC could have given every single one of it’s 55,000 employees a $6,000 raise last year and still had $100 million in profits left over.

Thanks to the people of Western Pennsylvania and to the workers who care for patients, UPMC has become one of the most profitable hospital systems in the country, earning $2 million in profits per day.
In fact, the American Hospital Directory recently named UPMC Presbyterian the country’s top grossing hospital. UPMC Presbyterian brought in $10.19 billion.
That’s not all pure profit. But regardless, it’s still quite a lot of billions. From one hospital.
But let’s talk real profits now. Last year UPMC posted over $445 million in profits. As a non-profit healthcare system, you would think that UPMC took that money and reinvested it in the employees who provide the care UPMC patients depend on, right?
Unfortunately, it’s not that clear cut.
We hear a lot of stories on the news about executives and big banks and huge corporations bringing in millions of dollars in salaries and bonuses. However, we don’t generally expect employees at non-profits to be millionaires. And that assumption absolutely stands true…unless you happen to be an executive at a UPMC care facility.
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