Lawmakers introduce bi-partisan legislation to stop large health systems like UPMC from denying care to patients who carry the “wrong” insurance card.

Outsourced Trascriptionists Stand Up to UPMC

NLRB Issues Second Historic Complaint Against UPMC

Pittsburgh Stands Up To UPMC

Labor Unites Around UPMC Workers On Labor Day

 Unhealthy Choices: How UPMC’s Low Wages Endanger the Future of Pittsburgh’s Middle Class

City Challenges UPMC’s Tax Exempt Status

UPMC Settles NLRB’s 80 Charges Of Unfair Labor Practices

UPMC Employee Reactions to Their Business Practices

UPMC Tries to Defend Nonprofit Status in New PR Campaign

City Council Examines UPMC’s Tax Exempt Status and Role in Pittsburgh’s Economy

City Council holds meeting to take a closer look at whether or not UPMC deserves non-profit tax breaks.

Workers Expose UPMC Union Busting

UPMC workers revealed to reporters the expensive union busting campaign that is taking them away from their patients and their work and costing millions of dollars that could go to care.

Workers Speak Out

Courageous UPMC workers sat down with Post-Gazette reporter Steve Twedt to discuss their efforts to improve their jobs.

Community Presents UPMC with Tax Bill

Hundreds of community leaders and workers come together to present UPMC with a tax bill, citing the $204 million the company would owe if it was not considered a “non-profit.”