Hospital Workers Rising – Labor Day 2015

On Labor Day, hospital workers from all across the region marched for $15 and a union. They were spreading the word about our three point agenda to make sure that our biggest industry is lifting up our city’s people. We’re calling for $15 minimum and a union for every worker. For adequate staffing so we can provide the best care possible. And for affordable access for every patient to the hospital of their choosing.

Hospital Workers Launch Movement for Better Jobs, Stronger City

Hospital workers from every hospital in the city deliver their agenda to elected leaders.

Hospital workers from every hospital in the city deliver their agenda to elected leaders.

This week, we brought our call for $15 and a union to members of our City Council and the Mayor’s Office and presented city leaders with an agenda that will put Pittsburgh’s community needs first.
Our employers spend a lot of time fighting each other, but hospital workers are stepping up with a plan for the best way forward for our families and our city. Hundreds of workers from every Pittsburgh hospital and our supporters are signing on to an agenda that calls for:

  • Access to care for every patient regardless of insurance;
  • Adequate staffing in every hospital; and
  • $15 and the right to form a union for every hospital worker

Join the movement for a stronger Pittsburgh where every hospital job is a good job, and read more about our conversation with the Post-Gazette. 
Hospital workers are the largest workforce in our city, working for the largest, most influential industry. We’re going to make changes here like they are in cities from Los Angeles to New York, where workers and elected leaders are lifting up their communities.
Together, we can make sure every hospital job is a good job and patients get the quality, affordable care they need.
Sign on to the Hospital Workers Rising agenda for good jobs, quality care and healthy, stronger communities! And like us on Facebook for the latest updates on how we can strengthen our hospitals and our city together. 
Thank you,
Darlene Nicholson, 6 years AGH lab processor
Leslie Poston, 11 years UPMC Presbyterian unit secretary

Allegheny General Hospital workers lend support to UPMC employees' unionization effort

Pittsburgh hospital workers from both major hospitals systems tell the Post-Gazette why they have joined together for access to care for every patient, adequate staffing in every hospital and good jobs in our city’s largest industry.
Allegheny General Hospital workers lend support to UPMC employees’ unionization effort