Have you been denied care at UPMC?

UPMC is refusing to renew its longtime contract with Highmark—the region’s largest insurer—that expires at the end of the year. That means more than three million of us could lose access to the hospitals our tax dollars, charitable donations, and insurance premiums have helped build.

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I know first hand what it feels like to be constantly worried about UPMC cutting of access to my doctors. My husband and I both have severe medical conditions that need constant treatment. We are deeply concerned about having to switch doctors in the middle of our care.
Now UPMC is sending letters to even more patients letting them know that in a few months they too will lose access to affordable in-network access to their doctors they know and trust.
UPMC executives are using patients as pawns and gambling with our health to build a healthcare monopoly in our city. The time has come for all of us to raise our voices and tell UPMC to stop bullying patients with scary ad campaigns.  UPMC needs to put patients over profits.
Tell us how this is affecting you. 
Have you been turned away from your doctor or received a letter from UPMC letting you know that you are about to be locked out from affordable access? Add your voice to the growing number of patients who are speaking out against UPMC’s behavior. Share Your Story Here
Together we can Make It Our UPMC
Angela Vennare-Klein


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