Making History!

I am proud to stand with the workers at Allegheny General Hospital who announced historic news:
AGH workers voted overwhelmingly this week to form a union with SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania so they can come together for their patients and create stronger future for Pittsburgh. Service workers voted with 83 percent support and technical workers voted with 72 percent support.
1200 workers are joining the union—the largest group of hospital service and technical workers ever to organize in Pittsburgh!
I am a patient care tech at UPMC, and I know that whatever health system we work for, frontline hospital workers across Pittsburgh face a lot of the same challenges. We also share the same vision for an eds and meds economy that is built on good, family sustaining jobs and a city where all patients have access to high quality, affordable healthcare.
That’s why across Pittsburgh today, UPMC workers are cheering AGH workers’ success. We’re excited by this breakthrough and more determined than ever to stand up for good jobs and a union at UPMC, and to make sure our giant health system respects our rights.
It’s a new day in Pittsburgh.
Hospital workers are rising, building a movement to create a stronger voice for healthcare workers and strengthen our city’s middle class.
“We are thrilled to come together for our families, our patients, and all of Pittsburgh,” said Donald Copper, an advanced life support technician who has worked at AGH for nine years. “We are at the frontlines of the biggest industry in Pittsburgh and we are excited to work with each other and management to create a stronger, better future for our hospital.”
James Threatt                       
Patient Care Tech, UPMC Shadyside



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